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Asbestos database compliance

Asbestos Software Compliance: Survey Safe™ and Survey JEM™.

Continental Environmental Serves Ltd have a partnership with AFM Software Solutions whereby Survey Safe™ and Survey JEM™ are independent databases designed to manage asbestos compliance, owned by each respective company. The two software programme applications manage the asbestos material identified within the building and are able to synchronise data between each system. Both systems can be used in their own right for compliance, each having their own advantages and disadvantages as defined by their programming language. Survey Safe™ is hosted on the Clients own SQL Server providing data continuity by having a secure login to view the asbestos register, (software updates are managed by the Clients in-house IT team). The saving of data on the Clients own server is a failsafe back up to business continuity. Survey Jem™ is a Web-enabled programme, whereby updating data is much more accessible and can be controlled remotely by-passing the in house IT team. Hence having Survey Jem™ gives continuous access remotely and Survey Safe provides the data backup for security and business continuity.

Survey Jem™ is able to generate URL links that the clients can issue to third parties (such as contractors) thus enabling them to provide remote access to the asbestos register in a controlled and auditable process. The system also has the function to link locations where asbestos has been identified to other facilities management systems, this information can be uploaded by the IT team or manually entered into the companies main facilities management databases i.e. FSI Evolution has a comment section for each defined location. These are open fields with their facilities management system allowing for free text specified location within the building for guidance notes. All links from client facilities management software will require a separate password for Survey Jem™ this will need to be entered before progressing to the sample register. Access to the system will require authorisation by the Duty Holder or their onsite deputy who manages the daily operations of compliance.

The Duty holder will have access to live data using Survey Jem™ and security of data protection for business continuity.

The Database in relation to Regulations.

The Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) 2012 is the standard to which the Analyst Guide HSG 248 and Surveying Guide HSG 264 comply. The Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) provides guidance on the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. There were two ACOPs, L127 (The management of asbestos in non-domestic premises) and L143 (Work with materials containing asbestos) have been consolidated into one single revised ACOP edition two published in 2013.

Survey Jem™ and Survey Safe™ have evolved throughout the last five and ten years respectively taking on board amendments in legislation and guidance as to comply to the standard CAR 2012. The presentation of the executive summary and report format was a significant change from MDHS 100, providing an instant oversight of the asbestos containing materials and their associated risk at the start of the report.

The Database Risk and Priority Assessment.

The risk assigned to each asbestos component is calculated through the Material Assessment and Priority assessment. Only Refurbishment and Demolition surveys undertaken rely solely on the Material Assessment. The parameters of assessment are clearly described in the Surveyors Guide and can be verified by the Duty holder should the values entered by the surveyor be under or over estimated. The Duty holder has a much better understanding of how the building is used than the surveyor undertaking the survey or re-inspections. Ultimately where there is a close working relationship and history of assessment and evaluation the level of established risk will have a consistent pattern unless the use of the areas change. The programmes allow for these values to be amended.

Asbestos Material Assessment Register and Asbestos Management Plan Register.

Both databases link the samples held within each report and maps them to their respective spreadsheet forming the asbestos register and this intern is linked to recommendations made on how to manage them forming the management plan register. The level of risk is colour coded from Red being severe, Amber being medium risk, Blue being low risk and Green being minor risk, with both the asbestos register and with the management plan register, each spreadsheet is independently reported. The asbestos register complying with the survey report, and the other with the Management Plans recommendations showing how the asbestos is being managed.

The Database built in Audit Pathway.

The database has an audit system that registers who makes any changes on the database, it records their status of authorisation and duration that they have logged in and any changes made. Some of the changes are only visible to the users, and other details of login data relating to field staff logging in are only visible to the database manager. (Permission settings are to be agreed).

Survey Safe™ and Survey Jem™ software programmes have much history of development, and this has been fully tested over the last five and ten years. The new facility is to export and import between both systems. Whereby Survey Safe™ is SQL based held on the clients server and Survey Jem™ that is web-based can both communicate between each other. The client having both systems and whereby using Survey Safe™ as backup provides the client with data continuity and a fail-safe system allowing the survey data to be exported and imported without the relying constantly on the IT departments for their support.

If you need any advice please do not hesitate to contact our office for further technical support or guidance, as to the practical use of our databases and third party secure survey data access.

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