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Survey Safe is an independent consulting firm

offering comprehensive asbestos surveying

solutions to domestic and industrial clients.

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Asbestos Survey Report Production

Survey Safe™ has its own dedicated asbestos reporting software that has the facility to import and export surveyor's entries to generate the management survey, asbestos register and enable the development of the asbestos management plan. The software is designed to link the survey asbestos register with the asbestos management plan. All surveys reported using this software will be compliant and adhere to accreditation standards. The software also enables the selection of a bulk sampling report, Management Survey report, Refurbishment demolition report or a bespoke combination of reporting specific to the clients requirements.

Continental Environmental Services Ltd, have developed the unique Survey Safe™ database to specifically record the material assessment of the asbestos and optional priority assessment to be completed by the client or on behalf of the client. The survey data is saved under a collective client group, the software used can manage multiple sites in a region or country enabling Survey Safe™ to be used globally. There are two systems available dependent on the users requirements, one to be stored on their own server and another that is web based and called Survey JEM, which is fully encrypted.

Your confidential data is in safe hands.

Many of our clients have opted for Survey Safe™ and Survey Jem software, as they like the flexibility of a web enabled system, but also want the added security a locally held database offers. Survey Safe™ takes the protection of our clients data very seriously and we endeavour to ensure that no client will lose data or have their protection breached as we regularly back up our local Survey Safe™ database and the web based Survey Jem also acts as a further safeguard.

Once the field data has been entered the survey results will be displayed in a list of descending order of risk. The will allow for dialogue with the Duty holder to ensure that they understand the risks identified and agree the Management Plan.

The database is written in Plain English to enable any one trade to clearly understand and avoid disturbing the asbestos identified within the survey report. Colour coding has significantly improved the user friendliness of the database and interpreting the survey results.

Survey Report Contents

The survey itself consists of sections covering the following areas.

  1. Contact information
  2. Executive summary
  3. Introduction
  4. Survey planning and techniques
  5. Sample analysis and referencing
  6. Specific reservations
  7. Conclusion
  8. Recommendations and actions
  9. Site description
  10. Registry of Asbestos Containing Materials


  1. Asbestos sample records
  2. Certificates
  3. Drawings
  4. Agreed scope of work

The asbestos sample records contain all the historic details of the sample together with a photograph showing the sample location. Other documents and files, such as certificates, drawings and the agreed scope of work are attached within the appendices B to D. These can either be viewed and or, printed with each asbestos survey.

The standard reporting time for any survey, unless otherwise agreed within the planning stages, is 14 days. However once the sample results have been entered will the report be completed pending the drawings that should be completed whilst the samples are being analysed.

The asbestos report can be issued with the priority assessment completed on their behalf pending a review meeting to assess the requirements of the management plan. Only on receipt of the clients input of the priority assessment will the final Management Survey report and Management Plan be issued.

A free PDF copy of The Asbestos Survey Guide is available from the HSE website. This guidance document actively requires the client's input in completing the survey priority assessment, as only the client will have the detailed knowledge of how the building is used. The client will only be required to complete the items of confirmed, referenced or visually identified asbestos materials. This process is a safeguard for the client's duty holder to ensure that their own management team are aware of the recorded asbestos items within the survey report. Survey Safe™s objective is to engage the client and build up a working relationship to re-inspect the asbestos materials as part of an ongoing asbestos Management Plan, which can be replicated on any continent around the word.

Further Information

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