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Radon gas and thoron gas

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Radon Gas and Thoron Gas

Advising in relation to Occupational Exposure and Compliance Testing

Survey Safe™ (CES), undertakes RADON and THORON GAS compliance testing, advising clients if there is a risk within their place of work that has not previously been assessed.

A key example is the use of Granit, where Granit is the primary source and emitter of RADON and THONON gas. Granite has been used within foundations of buildings for many years, highways and industrial buildings to build secure foundations. Importation of Granit, also includes the naturally occurring sources of RADON and THORON gas emissions, these gases are not thought to be checked in modern building or in areas that are outside the known areas where RODON AND THORON GASES are naturally found, as defined by the National Rodon map. The presence of RADON and THORON can easily be found in areas that are considered to be RADON and THORON free. These gases can be trapped within basement areas, or in areas where ventilation is poor. Survey Safe™ (CES), can detect and quantify this risk using our latest hardware and software to capture these gases. Survey Safe™ (CES) has invested significantly in hardware and software to provide a reliable service.

  • Regulations concerning Radon gas have been tightened recently. The changes include annual monitoring of 'proven sites', in order to safely determine an accurate level of exposure. This type of test was previously undertaken by absorption cards, taking 3month to complete and verify any presence of the gas. The time delay was a concern, but also the subjective assessment as to colour change in establishing the safe threshold below 400Bq m³ and comparison the historical charts. This threshold of 400Bq m³. has now been reduced to an average of 300Bq m³ over a period of a year, and can now be quantified using our hardware to collect and analysis samples within a 24hour period, as opposed to months to know if there is a risk or not.
  • This testing is impartial using our hardware and software, as the hardware used to collect the sample is calibrated and serviced to provide reliable and consistent test results. We do not rely on human interpretation of colour change and extrapolation of pre-existing tables to evaluate quantification.

The change in Regulations and Work Place Exposure have meant more companies are having to commission compliance testing to determine the presence of Radon and or Thoron GAS concentrations. Detection and quantification within a timely manner will assist the duty holder or responsible person in any re-design or planning permission activities to evaluate the risk of RADON AND THORNON GAS. Both gases, Radon and THORON can be tested in soils and in open water, it is not just confined to basements and confined rooms, or ducts. There is no need to apply, or request a license from the HSE for RADON or Thoron Gas testing.

A national RADON map of the United Kingdom is available online from the HSE as to areas naturally effected, however this does not quantify exposure within areas of occupation. The equipment we deploy gives certainty and piece of mind that the work place, or domestic home is safe form this hidden gas and are effectively a silent killer. RONON and THORON GASES are no different to that of ASBESTOS FIBRES in the fact that the particles / fibres are in hailed and interact or deposit themselves within the lining of the lungs whereby likely hood of cancer through long term exposure is increased. If the long term work place exposure limit is exceeds the guidance, work place limit, the greater risk of respiratory illness.

Survey Safe™ (CES), is able to detect using the latest available hardware and software the presence of Radon and Thoron gases, thereby quantifying where there is an established risk. Hereby saving time and money if no RADON is detected during the point of works investigation, which is the process of commissioning our service to determine if there is a risk or not. This applies to areas inside and outside the national radon map: HSE provide guidance as published on-line related to the United Kingdom.

  • Point of contact, testing that verifies the presence of gases, low or high-end concentrations specific to areas selected as being at risk.
  • Quantification whereby the specific quantity of RADON and or THORON GAS detection pose a risk in relation to the work place exposure limit.

Safety is our core business, consulting on the most appropriate course of action is required to benefit the client and that we can rely upon to complying with legislative issues efficiently.

CES Radon Brochure

CES Radon Brochure

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